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Susan Tunick / Photos by Peter Mauss
Terra-Cotta Skyline: New York's Architectural Ornament
  • New! History, manufacture and art of architectural terra cotta.
  • Published by Princeton Archetectural Press,
    10 x 12 inches; 176 pages, 77 color and b&w photographs, $45.

PARIS and the Legacy of French Architectural Ceramics
  • Highlights the many under-appreciated Parisian buildings which use richly colored and textured ceramic ornament. Introduction by the Editor, Susan Tunick .
  • Susan Montgomer's "Our Talented Neighbors: The French Influence on American Pottery and Architectural Ceramics."
  • Bernard Marrey's "The Golden Age of Ceramics."
  • Patrice & Anne-Laurie Goulet's directory, "Paris-Ceramique."

George & Edward Blum:
Texture and Design in New York Apartment House Architecture
  • By Andrew S. Dolkart and Susan Tunick
  • Reveals for the first time the singular contribution made by the firm of George & Edward Blum to the design of the New York apartment building. Active from approximately 1910 to 1930, these two brothers were among the most talented New York architects of the quintessential form of twentieth century urban housing in the city-the apartment building. The Blums designed a striking group of buildings that combine unusual facade detailing with the typical rectilinear massing of the New York apartment house. Their buildings are superbly embellished with complex brick patterning and are highlighted by exceptional detail in terra cotta ad art tile. The Blums' varied designs and their materials are analyzed and profusely illustrated.
  • Published by the Friends of Terra Cotta Press
    8-1/2 x 11 inches, 72 pages, 6 color photographs including cover, 68 black and while photographs, paperback only, $18.00.

Tile Roofs of Alfred
  • Provides historical background on Alfred, New York's terra cotta roof tile industry with contemporary and archival photographs.

  • Features an illustrated walking tour of Alfred and information on roof tile manufacture and installation.

  • Published by the Friends of Terra Cotta Press
    5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches, 16 pages, $7 00.
<-----Picture: Celadon Terra Cotta Company in Alfred, NY (1892)
Co-sponsored by Friends of Terra Cotta/NYS,
the Alfred Historical Society and the Baker's Bridge Association.

Field Guide to Apartment Building Architecture
  • By Susan Tunick
  • An illustrated overview with a simple way to identify building parts, styles and materials. Includes a glossary and brief history of apartment building design.
  • Published by the Friends of Terra/New York State, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches 20 pages, $6.50.

Friends of Terra Cotta
New York City Subway Posters
  • Full-color reproductions of the decorative tiles and ceramic panels in lower Manhattan's Fulton Street Station and City College's 137th Street Station.
  • Published by The Friends of Terra, Inc.,
    21 x 22 inches each, $12. 00 per set of two images.

Sites 18, Architectural Terra Cotta
  • An illustrated study of the history and development of the terra cotta industry and its impact on New York's architecture. Includes a directory of 170 major New York buildings and historical background on 48 American terra cotta companies.
  • Published by Lumen Inc.,
    6 x 11 inches, 84 pages, $10.00.

American Decorative Tiles
  • By Susan Tunick
  • An essay providing information about handcrafted American tiles and their varied uses. Includes 22 illustrations of work by companies such as Batchelder, Pewabic, Rookwood, Grueby, and Moravian Pottery and Tile Works.
  • Published by Assopiastrelle, 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches, 10 pages, 22 color images, $6.50.

Terra Cotta: Don't Take It For Granite
3 Walks in New York City Neighborhoods
  • Whether high over head decorating skyscrapers, or at eye level adding zest to entryways and walls, architectural terra cotta is one of the best kept secrets in New York. Now, through these walks, you can learn to identify terra cotta as you discover the architectural treasures of Greenwich Village, Times Square, and Murray Hill/Gramercy Park. The Friends of Terra Cotta produced this guide to help sharpen your powers of observation while walking our city streets.
  • Published by the Friends of Terra Cotta Press,
    4 5/8 x 9 1/4 inches, 64 pages, color cover, 33 black and white photographs and illustrations, 3 maps, $12.00 (including postage).
<----- Photograph: Interior detail of the New Amsterdam Theater, 214 West 42nd Street, New York City. by Peter Mauss/ESTO

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