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The Friends of Terra Cotta, Inc., a national, non-profit organization, was founded to promote education and research in the preservation of architectural terra cotta and related ceramic materials. The organization seeks to educate the general public and construction industry professionals about architectural terra cotta's value and history as a building material.

The Metro Theater, 99th Street & Broadway, NYC Architects: Boak and Paris, 1933
Co-sponsored by Metro Cine, and NYS/Friends of Terra Cotta -- Picture by Peter Mauss.

Preservation Alert: Firefighters and Soldiers

Preservation Alert: Destruction of the Terra-Cotta Sculptures at Parkchester

Preservation Alert: Color Photograps of Color Terra-Cotta Sculptures at Parkchester

Preservation Alert: Help Save the Women's Ward Pavilion at Seaview Hospital, Staten Island.

Great News! Childs Restaurant -- located on the boardwalk in Coney Island -- was designated a NYC Landmark in Februrary 2003.

Recognizing the complexities of preserving architectural terra cotta, The Friends of Terra Cotta, Inc. provides information and expert resources to assist the process. Members receive quarterly mailings of pertinent, topical information, and access to additional, in-depth publications.

1220 Broadway
Architects: Levy and Berger, 1931
Friends of Terra Cotta/NYS
Photo by Peter Mauss/ESTO

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