How to use the Friends of Terra Cotta Database

The articles in this database have been sent to us or discovered through our research projects and are varied. They do not provide a comprehensive view of the terra cotta literature such as one might find in a bibliography. Instead, they represent a random collection of items. It is also important to realize that these articles are mostly photocopied from the original historic sources.

The primary value of this database is to provide basic information about the articles in our collection. It is anticipated that the user will then be able to use this information to locate the primary sources in regional libraries.

How to Use the Search Forms

Full Text Search:

Type a word or phrase to search for and click the Submit Query button. You may also type a partial word or partial phrase. For example, you could enter "build" to retrieve all records containing the word "build", "building" or "buildings".

This search searches every field of every record for the given word or phrase. The search is not case sensitive. For example, "build" is the same as "BUILD".

Advanced Search:

Use this form to refine your search. For example, if you only want to see records where "Gray, Christopher" is the Author (as opposed to records where "Gray, Christopher" appears in another field, such as Subject) enter "Gray, Christopher" in the Author field.

Similarly, if you know the title, or partial title of an article, enter that information in the "Title" field. For example, to retrieve articles where the word "Broadway" appears in the title (as opposed to records where "Broadway appears in another field, such as Subject) enter "Broadway" in the Title field.

You can fill in multiple criteria on this form to further refine your search. For example, if you wanted to see articles by "Gray, Christopher" with the word "Broadway" in the Title, enter "Gray, Christopher" in the Author field and "Broadway" in the Title field.

Subject Search:

On this page you'll find a list of subject you may want to use when searching. For your convenience, each listed subject is a link that you may click to return all matching records for that subject.

Record ID Search:

Use this search form when you know the exact Record ID of the record you want, for instance as a result of a previous search.